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Our brands

At present, International Time Group S. A. is on the market in Argentina with the following brands:


As from 1881, Seiko has been contributing to society with a revolutionary product one after another. It started with the manufacturing of the first quartz wristwatch in 1960.

Watches are the core of SEIKO's business. Through them, the brand wants to share the pleasure and pride of manufacturing innovative and modern watches, while adding up a touch of charm and glamour to every single right moment and applying cutting-edge technologies such as micro-engineering, metallurgic, and micromechanics.


Orient Watch Co., Ltd. positioned its reputation as an exceptional watch manufacturer since its foundation in 1950. As from the creation of the mechanical watch in 1960 through the quartz analog watch in 1970, the company continues offering unique state-of-the-art products which anticipate fashion trends. Its latest lines offer a wide range of watches, and each product incorporates the integration of tradition and technology.


Precision, reliability, innovation and dynamism. These are precisely the values that have linked from its very beginning Certina with sports. This Swiss brand, founded in 1888, shows its innovative spirit in terms of aesthetic which is shown in its extreme, sports, classic or elegant design as expressed in its collection in an active and modern style of life.


Mido was founded in 1918 by George Schaeren in Switzerland. Mido took its name by the expression 'measure the time'. The timelessness marks its authentic design. Mido's philosophy is to combine timeless design with functionality since sophistication and innovation will never go out of style.


The foundation of this successful and traditional brand of watches started in 1948. At present, with its headquarters in Lugano Switzerland, it stands as a global company that captivates consumers in more than 50 countries. The secret of its success stems from the combination of the latest technologies with the creativity of successful international designers. These qualities characterize every single collection of Alfex and make it stand out over any other watch in the world.


It is a brand that is manufactured and marketed all over the world by Seiko Watch Corporation. Lorus aims to meeting the needs of fashion and trenders fans who are also looking for a watch with the highest standard of quality.

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